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Trike Ultralight Aircraft

Powered Hang-glider

A trike is an ultralight aircraft that is controlled by weight transfer. In fact it is a robust powered hang-glider. The trike or power hang-gliding has many advantages or the conventional ultralight aircraft. The wing can be disassemble quickly and placed in a long bag of 2 feet of diameter by 20 feet long. It can be easily stored in a garage or carried on top of a car. The engine can be placed on a small trailer. The view in flight is not obstructed by a cabin. It can land in rougher and shorter fields.

Ultralight aircraft are not what they were 20 years ago. The new engines, the new materials and the new designs have allowed a real revolution in ultralight leisure aviation. Many ultralight aircraft have higher performances than conventional private aircraft and more and more private pilots are turning toward this form of aviation that was once considered to be marginal. This tendency will continue since the cost of general aviation is rising and that Transport Canada has created a new class of aircraft: the advanced ultralight aircraft. These advanced ultralight can be used to carry passengers in flight.

The operation cost of an ultralight aircraft are much lower since the owner is allowed to perform himself the maintenance of his ultralight. The maintenance of your ultralight is usually quite simple and can be learned rapidly with the help of other ultralight pilots.

The ULA (basic ultralight aircraft) or AULA (advanced ultra-light aircraft) can be divided in several large categories of aircraft. The three axis ultralight which are controlled and look like conventional private aircraft. The trike ultralights which are in fact powered hang-gliders which are controlled by weight transfer. The powered parachutes , the paramotors which are often considered as power parachutes and the auxiliary power units like power hang-gliding harness for example.

For information on basic and advanced ultralight aircraft training in Canada, see our section 3-axis ultralight training school or see our section trike or powered hang-glider training school. For information on basic and advanced ultralight aircraft tandem rides or tour in Canada, see our section 3-axis ultralight initiation tandem ride or see our section trike or power hang-gliding tandem flight with instructor

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