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Francois Thibodeau

Aeronautical engineer, MBA, Pilot.

The primary objective of this site is to promote all forms of recreational flight in the Quebec province mainly. François Thibodeau, the author of the site is passionate about flight since he was a young boy. Here is a description of who François Thibodeau is in a few brief words.

François Thibodeau has been flying for over 20 years. He has been teaching how to fly and communicating his passion to others since 1986. François is a senior instructor and a tandem instructor of hang gliders and paragliders and also trains other instructors. Mr. Thibodeau is also a paramotor instructor and an ultralight aircraft instructor. François is also a conventional private airplane pilot.

François Thibodeau has directed, as the owner and chief pilot, the most important free flight school in Quebec and eastern Canada and trained hundreds of new pilots.

François Thibodeau is a professional aeronautical engineer and also holds an MBA in finance.

François was part of the Royal Air Cadets of Canada for over 5 years where he was able to get familiar with very young gliders, aircraft and helicopters flying. François started to teach theory class at that time in many fields like flight mechanics, meteorology, aircraft structure etc...

François has worked in R&D and as a project director for large multinational firms such as Bombardier and Federal Express. Today, he is a business consultant, a flight instructor and an entrepreneur.

François gives several courses and seminars each year to train new pilots and instructors.

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