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Powered Parachute

The easiest aircraft to learn to fly!

The powered parachute is certainly the aircraft that is the easiest to learn to fly. In certain cases, a student without prior flying experience can fly solo on a powered parachute on his first day of training!!!

In appearance, a powered parachute and a powered paraglider look the same but their design are quite different. A powered parachute uses a parachute with large front openings and a thick wing design. The wing loading is high, the aspect ratio is low and the sink rate is high. The glide ratio is very low. Powered parachutes have a very good stability and their high drag requires a powerful engine to make them fly. This is because of the large weight of the engine. Powered parachute requires a strong structure and a landing gear with wheels to support it. Powered parachute usually have a higher stall speed and cruising speed than a power paraglider (paramotor).

The paramotor on the other side uses a paraglider which is much more performing than a parachute. The aspect ratio of the paramotor is higher than the parachute and the glide ratio also much higher. The paramotor glides more and is less stable but more maneuverable. It takes longer to learn to fly a paramotor but the purchase cost is lower. The drag of a paramotor is less than a powered parachute, hence the engine is much smaller. The small weight of the paramotor engine allows it to be carried on your back and take off and land on your feet. Shorter takeoff and landing distances are required and rougher fields can be used as runways. Small wheels can be added to a paramotor as well for those who do not wish to run.

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