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Hot Air Balloon

Montgolfier, the oldest form of flight

The hot air balloon is the oldest form of flight. The first time a human being lifted off the ground was aboard a Montgolfier in November 1783 in Paris. François Pilâtre de Rozier and the Marquis d'Arlandes were the two men aboard the hot air balloon. In June of the same year, the Montgolfière brothers had made a public demonstration of the flight of a hot-air balloon but that flight was unmanned.

Humans have always dreamed of flying. We just have to recall the legend of Icarus which dates back to several millennia ago. However, it has not been long in the human era that the possibility of flying became accessible to almost all of us. The hot air balloon has opened the way to human flight and stays today one of the most gracious way of flying.

In Quebec, we have the chance to have many balloon pilots, in addition to several annual hot-air balloons festivals of international amplitude. The International de montgolfières de Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu is certainly the most renowned. Each year, in August, hundreds of hot air balloons of all colors and shapes from all around the world color the sky of Saint-Jean sur Richelieu and the Montérégie.

It requires a license to fly a hot-air balloon in Canada. To get a hot air balloon ride, to learn how to fly a hot-air balloon or to purchase a used or new hot-air balloon, contact us.

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