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Hang-Glding Tandem Flights

Get the feeling of flying like a bird!

Hang glider tandem introduction flights

Realize the dream of a lifetime. Come flying with an experienced instructor. It is a guaranteed thrill !

Recreational flight offers hang gliding tandem flights. A hang glider is a non-powered aircraft. It looks like a big triangular kite. It is a safe and secure aircraft, and to fly it requires minimal strength and training. The speed of a hang glider is between 30 km/h and 100 km/h. The flight lasts around 20 minutes depending on weather conditions. You will be in a harness in a laying position, next to the instructor pilot. Tandem flights are either air-towed by a ultralight aircraft or take off from the mountain. In the case of air towing, the hang glider is towed by a ultra light aircraft to 2000 feet of altitude and then, released to fly freely. As for lessons, you must take an appointment for a tandem ride in advance ideally a few days before.

These flights are accessible to all. You do not require a special training. If you only want to live a lifetime experience or want to taste the joy of flying before getting into a full flight training, you are the most welcomed.

A tandem is not enough?

You will experience strong new sensations on a hang gliding tandem and you will discover an amazing pleasure into flying. If you want to continue the adventure and your dream, it is possible to become a fully independent hang glider pilot. Recreational flight will teach you. It is up to you to make the move and to call us now.

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