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Ultralight Aircraft Training

Get your ultra-light aircraft pilot license

Advanced Ultralight (AULA) flight training

Complete practical flight training and theory class are provided by certified professional instructors for advanced ultralight trike flying.

An advanced ultralight aircraft (AULA) is an aircraft that responds to precise standards from Transport Canada. These Advanced ultralight aircraft usually are very similar in many aspects to the conventional aircraft and are flown almost the same way. This is one reason why up to 15 flight hours on these aircraft can be credited toward your private pilot license. These aircraft can take off from short private runways or fields and can fly at an average speed of 150 km per hour. The typical autonomy is 3.0 hours and therefore large distances can be covered.

These advanced ultralight aircraft have interesting advantages over basic ultralights like better insurance plans and passenger-carrying privileges.

The course plan to learn to fly an advanced ultralight aircraft is similar to a conventional pilot course, but the requirements to obtain an ultralight license are much less demanding. The aircraft is also much easier to fly and the cost is much lower which makes this type of flight more accessible to all. This is why this type of aviation is more and more popular and that many conventional aircraft pilots are buying advanced ultralight.

To obtain an ultralight pilot license, you have to fly 10 hours of which 2 hours are in solo flight and you must accomplish 30 take-offs and landings. The future pilot must also attend a theory class, pass a written exam with Transport Canada, obtain a medical certificate and get a recommendation from his flight instructor. Your instructor will give you all the information you need on the training plan. If you want to know more, visit Transport Canada’s web site.

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