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Trike Initiation flight

The sky motocycle!

Discover the pleasure of flying a trike

Realize the dream of a lifetime. Come fly with an experienced instructor. It is a guaranteed thrill!

Powered Hang-glider tandem initiation flight

Recreational flight offers trike ultralight tandem flights with certified and experienced instructors. The flights take off near Mount Yamaska or St. Hyacinthe airport or from another runway that we may choose. The duration is fixed since the engine provides the power of flight and not only the rising air like for free flight. A standard introduction flight is 20 minutes. The passenger is in a sitting position and sits behind the instructor. The passenger will discover a large scenery as the aircraft travels at approximately 85 km/h. It is possible to climb and obtain important altitude gain up to ten thousand feet. A tandem ultralight flight, the paraglider is very accessible to everybody. The passenger just have to sit back and enjoy is initiation. Please make your reservation a few days in advance in order to obtain the day you want.

These flights are accessible to all. You do not require a special training. If you only want to live a lifetime experience or want to taste the joy of flying before getting into a full flight training, you are most welcome. Physically handicapped persons can also fly. Since airports depends highly on weather conditions, it is possible unfortunately that you might not fly the day you want to. You can call us before coming and we will let you know if the weather conditions are good to fly. But rain, heavy winds as well as bad wind direction can compromise the flight. There will be no charge if there is a cancellation and we will make another appointment when conditions will allow it.

A tandem is not enough?

You will experience incredible new sensations on ULA aircraft flight. You will discover amazing pleasure flying an opened aircraft. The trike is often compared to a sky motorbike!

If you want to continue the adventure, it is possible to become a fully independent pilot. Recreational flight can teach you. It is up to you to make the move and contact us.

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