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Trike Ultralight Training School

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Ultralight trike flight training lessons

We offer complete practical and theoretical flight training by certified professionals for trike flying (powered hang-glider).

A trike is a ULA (Ultralight aircraft) composed of a robust hang-glider and a powered tricycle. This aircraft can take off from a runway or a field and can fly at an average speed of 90 km per hour. The typical autonomy is 3.5 hours and therefore large distances can be covered. Some people have travelled around the world with that type of aircraft. One unique characteristic of this aircraft is the large weight it can carry compared to its empty weight. A two-seater trike ultralight can carry more payload than a Cesna 152 for the same flight autonomy! Another interesting characteristic is that it can be folded in 20 minutes and stored in a small place like a home garage or carried on a small trailer.

The Trike course plan is similar to a conventional pilot license course, but the requirements to obtain an ultralight license are much less demanding. The aircraft is also much easier to fly and the cost is much lower which makes this type of flight more accessible to all.

To obtain an ultralight pilot license, you have to fly 10 hours of which 2 hours are in solo flight and you must accomplish 30 take-offs and landings. The future pilot must also attend a theory class, pass a written exam with Transport Canada, obtain a medical certificate and get a recommendation from his flight instructor. Your instructor will give you all the information you need on the training plan. If you want to know more, visit Transport Canada’s website.

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