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Tandem Flights - Accessible to all!

Come flying with a flight instructor!

Discover the pleasure of flying wth an instructor!

Realize the dream of a lifetime. Come flying with an experienced instructor. It is a guaranteed thrill!

Recreational flight offers tandems to adventurers that want a foretaste of flying. We offer many different types of tandem flights: Mountain Hang gliding, Air towing hang glider flight, Paragliding flight (mountain and winch towing), Trike initiation, advanced ultralight ride, Gyroplane initiation, hot air balloon tour, sky dive tandem, airplane ride, powered parachute flights, helicopter and glider initiation rides.

These flights are accessible to all. You do not require a special training. If you only want to live a lifetime experience or want to taste the joy of flying before getting into a full flight training, you are most welcome.

A tandem is not enough?

You will experience incredible new sensations on a paragliding, hang gliding, trike, gyroplane, AULA, glider, parachute, paramotor, hot air balloon, airplane tandem ride and you will discover amazing pleasure flying. If you want to continue, it is possible to become a fully independent pilot. Recreational Flight teaches them all. It is up to you to make the move. Contact us for schedules and reservations.

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