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Sky Diving FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently asked questions about skydiving and tandem skydiving courses.

Q: Can anyone skydive?

Just about everyone can experience skydiving. Parachuting has an array of discipline to satisfy those whose goal is to do a static line jump solo, skydive with an instructor, experience free-fall in a tandem dive and even for those who dream of becoming solo skydivers capable of performing free-fall manoeuvres. Parachuting is an ever evolving discipline, constantly innovating into reliable, safe and sophisticated means of jumping off airplanes.

Q: What is the minimum age to try skydiving?

Different drop zones, schools and skydiving centres will have various age minima. Generally though, you need to be at least 14 years old to go on a tandem skydive or to learn parachuting. Parents will then need to sign a release form. Bear also in mind that a tight and snug fit of the skydiving harness is mandatory.

Q: Are there any requirement or restrictions to try skydiving?

To skydive, you need to be in good general health conditions. If you want to do a tandem skydive, you need to weigh less than 220 pounds. If you weight exceeds 220 pounds, you can still try an Instructor Assisted Deployment (IAD). During an IAD, you will jump solo out of the aircraft and your instructor will deploy your parachute for you as soon as you come out the aircraft.

Q: Can I go skydiving if I wear glassed or contact lenses?

Yes, you can go skydiving if you wear glasses or contacts: the school is equipped with skydiving goggles especially designed to protect your eyes during your jump.

Q: What is a tandem skydive with an instructor?

A tandem skydive means your instructor and yourself will jump together, your harness firmly attached to his with high quality carabiners, under one same parachute. The instructor will take care of everything and will have total control over your parachute during the whole jump. If you feel like trying to fly the parachute yourself, your instructor will be able to give you the controls and show you how to safely fly the parachute! You will board the airplane together and climb up for about 15 minutes to an altitude of about 13 500 feet (4 000 meters). You will then jump out of the aircraft at the same time, freefall for a few seconds and the parachute will smoothly open up. Deployment of the parachute normally occurs at about 5 000 feet (1 500 meters) a will not cause any abrupt shock. From that point on, you can enjoy an easy 5 to 6 minutes flight all the way down to the drop zone or landing area. Modern parachutes, unlike the old fashioned round military parachutes, have a rectangular shaped canopy. They are highly reliable, easy to control with accuracy and provide a softer and safer landing.

Q: What is parachute landing like?

Modern parachutes are very easy to land. A skydiving landing is simply the equivalent of jumping from one to two feet high.

Q: Does the parachute deployment create a potentially harmful shock?

No, deployment of the parachute is a gradual and smooth process.

Q: What is a free fall, freefalling or freeflying?

Freefalling is a discipline of skydiving during which a skydiver delays the opening of the parachute after jumping off the plane. Once the jumper has exited the plane, he falls down to a maximum speed of about 200 Km/h. At that maximal speed, there is no more acceleration and therefore no uncomfortable feelings. The skydiver feels like a bird flying in the sky! It is during the freeflying part of skydiving that experienced parachutists try out all sorts of acrobatics figures and original manoeuvres.

Q: How can I obtain a skydiving qualification in Canada?

Generally, in order to become a qualified skydiver, you will have to take a short ground school (about 4 hours) followed by a tandem jump and a couple of solo skydives. During the first 3 solo parachuting lessons you will be accompanied by two skydiving instructors and you will jump off the plane at an altitude of about 13 000 feet. This will be followed by an additional 3 jumps with only one instructor. To complete you skydiving qualification, you will do 3 solo flights while under radio supervision. Once you have obtained your skydiving qualification, which will cost you about 3 000$, you can go skydiving anywhere in Canada!

Q: If skydiving a safe activity?

Yes, each skydive is fully supervised by one or more competently trained skydiving instructor. Handling of the parachute, harness and all of the skydiving gear is performed by professionals. Also, an inspection of the skydiving equipment is mandatory prior to every jump. The airplane is always piloted by a licensed commercial pilot. Communication with skydivers in training is achieved via radio communication and close monitoring by the instructor. In the unlikely event of a parachute malfunction, skydivers are equipped with a spare reserve parachute that can be easily and rapidly deployed.

Q: How much does it cost to skydive in Canada?

Generally you will spend about 260$ for a tandem jump or to do a solo skydive. If you are part of a large group, you may be eligible for a group rebate at some skydiving schools.

Q: What do I need to wear to go skydiving?

Dress according to the weather and during spring and fall, bring an additional sweater to go parachuting. Be sure to wear a comfortable pair of shoes. The skydiving school will provide you with a skydiving suit, goggles and helmet to protect you from the high winds and colder temperatures at higher altitude.

Q: Do I need to make a reservation to go skydiving? If so, how long in advance should I do it?

Skydiving is a very popular activity so make sure you book at least a week ahead. You can go skydiving from May to October. Weekends are always very popular and schools are usually open 7 days .

Q: What kind of weather conditions must prevail to go skydiving?

Your sky dive may be postponed if the sky has a low overcast, in case of rain or high winds.

Q: Can I take home a video of my jump?

Yes, a video of your jump is available on request at the skydiving school for about 105$ plus tax. To do so, a professional photograph will jump along with you. Once back home, you can relive your entire skydiving experience; getting ready for the flight, climbing up in the plane, jumping off, freefalling, flying and landing. You can even show all your friends!

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