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Paragliding Tandem Flight

Rise toward the clouds!

Paragliding tandem initiation flight

Realize the dream of a lifetime. Come flying with an experienced instructor. It is a guaranteed thrill !

Recreational flight offers paragliding tandem flights with certified and experienced tandem instructors. The flights take off from one of the seven Mont Yamaska's take off sites, the duration varies from 10 to 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions. The passenger is in a sitting position and sits in his own harness in front of the instructor. The passenger will discover free flight flying and will enjoy the Mont Yamaska's silence and beauty seen with bird's eyes. If weather conditions permit, it is possible to obtain important altitude gain, up to several thousand feet. The take-off happens at a 1,000 feet. A paraglider flies slower than a hang glider, between 20 km/hr to 50 km/hr, but his sink rate is as good as a hang glider therefore paragliders and hang gliders can stay the same amount of time in the air. The paraglider is very accessible to everybody because its maneuvering is less demanding. These flights usually take place in the afternoon between one o'clock and five o'clock. Please make your reservation a few days in advance in order to obtain the day you want.

A paragliding tandem flight is not enough?

You will experience incredible new sensations on a paragliding tandem flight and you will discover an amazing pleasure into flying. If you want to continue, it is possible to become a fully independent paraglider pilot. Recreational flight can teach you how to fly. It is up to you to make the move and to call us if you want to learn.

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