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The portable aircraft!

The word paraglider comes from parachute and glider. The pioneers of paragliding modified sky diving rectangular parachutes to run off steep mountain slopes, these flying machines had glide ratios of a mere 2 to 1 (they would glide 2 meters forward for every meter of altitude loss).

Today's paragliders evolve with a glide ratio of 8 to one. Since the beginning of the 1990s, the sport of paragliding has grown exponentially. In Quebec we have excellent paragliding schools that provide structured flight training along with well organized paraglider clubs. The paragliders have now reached a solid level of maturity in their design and are very reliable aircraft. Paragliding and hang-gliding are by far the least expensive forms of non powered flight. Paragliding allows flying in a sitting position with an unobstructed panoramic view. Using currents of rising air (thermals) a paraglider pilot can fly for hours, climb to near cloud base, cover great distances and land in a small field.

A tandem paraglider flight will get you to rapidly discover the rich sensations of paragliding without having to take any courses, classes or lessons.

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