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If you live in the urban area, it is always fascinating to spend some time flying over your area, trying to see your house and getting a unique perspective from your neighborhood. Discuss it with your pilot before take-off!

Airplane Ride. Scenic Plane Tour

You may plan your sightseeing flight during the fall and enjoy the gorgeous autumn colors around the city! Offering a sightseeing flight is a great gift idea for those of you who want to celebrate a special occasion or share a unique moment with a special someone. Don't forget to bring your camera to bring back memories of your sightseeing flight!

Organizing a sightseeing tour over the city or elsewhere in a small plane always ends up a nice experience. A plane ride is very easy to organize. No preparation is needed. Also, there is no particular clothing required. When having your plane ride, you just have to sit back and enjoy the beauty of the moment.

During a plane ride or an introduction flight with an instructor, you will be able to take the commands if you wish so and execute your first manoeuvers

A plane ride costs less than a hundred dollars per person for a full hour of flight. It is a very nice gift to offer to a family member or a friend.

The flying schools sometimes have reduced rates or discounts for a simple plane ride compared to regular lessons. They want to attract new students for a full recreational pilot license course.

The rate for a plane ride for 3 persons starts around 50$ per persons depending on the number of persons and on the type of aircraft you choose. The flight time is calculated on the running time of the engine. It is sometimes worthwhile to choose an airport with less traffic or a time that is less busy to maximize your flying time.

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