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Discovery flight: be a pilot tomorrow! Have you always dreamt of flying an airplane yourself? Wait no more! You can now take a discovery flight and fly the aircraft yourself, without having to go through an entire pilot training. During your discovery flight, you will sit on the captain's seat while a qualified flight instructor will sit in the right seat of the airplane. He will have his own set of controls and will supervise the flight and help you with handling the plane. You can ask him all your aviation-related questions!

Become your own pilot Learning to fly is a dream shared by many, but not many people know how accessible it is to become a pilot. Canada has a variety of flight schools, all qualified to provide training for student pilots. Becoming a private pilot is easy, affordable and can be done rapidly in your spare time or during weekends.

Fly the plane solo Once you have obtained your Private Pilot License, you will be able to go up to the flight school whenever you want, rent a plane and go fly on your own, as captain. Obtaining a Private Pilot License will give you the privilege of flying a light single engine airplane, such as Cessna for example, and bring your friends along for the ride. Airplanes are usually leased based on an hourly rate and you can arrange day trips and even multi-day expeditions!

Own your own airplane Some people chose to buy their own airplane, either to save money or to have more freedom to work around their schedule. When you become the owner of an airplane you can use it for your flight training and save on airplane rental. Of course, you will need the assistance of a qualified flight instructor. Talk about it with your nearest flight school. Once you have obtained your Private Pilot License, you can keep on flying your own airplane whenever you like! You can use your airplane to take your friends up for a flight, to go on vacation and even fly yourself to your business meetings. You can keep you airplane in a hangar at your nearest airport. Some flight clubs and aviation schools offer airplane management services.

Private pilot training There are many flight schools across the country; all of them providing similar flight training curriculum to the Private Pilot level. You will be assigned a flight instructor who will teach you and guide you through your pilot training. A Private Pilot License gives you the privilege to act as a captain on a single engine airplane. The training required to get a Private Pilot License involves a 40-hour ground time and approximately 45 hours of flight training in an aircraft. In order to be granted a private pilot license, a student pilot needs to pass a written test and a flight test. A Medical Certificate is also required from Transport Canada.

Start your aviation career You have had the opportunity to do a discovery flight or have started working on a private pilot license and have developed a passion for aviation? Or simply, becoming a pilot is a lifelong dream? Then you should seriously consider a career in aviation!

Pilot shortage The International Civil Aviation Organization recently estimated that 15 000 new pilot jobs would be created annually over the next 20 years. Take advantage of this and become a Commercial Pilot! A career in aviation is available to everyone, as long as you can obtain a Class I Medical Certificate from Transport Canada. Your pilot training can be completed quickly. In some cases, only 12 months are required to get a Commercial Pilot License that will allow you to seek employment as a pilot. To be awarded a Commercial Pilot License, you need to get a Private Pilot License. Once you have you Private Pilot License in hand, you can start training for your Commercial Pilot License which will allow you to receive payment for your flying duties. Then you can be employed as a pilot anywhere in Canada. To increase your chances of getting a good pilot job, your flight school provides training for various type ratings that will complement your Commercial Pilot License. To fly a float plane, you will need a float rating. If you wish to become a co-pilot on a larger aircraft, you will need an instrument rating and a multi-engine rating.

I want to become an Airline Pilot A career as an Airline Pilot is one of the options you can opt for once you graduate from flight school. You will need a Commercial Pilot License and the instrument and multi-engine type ratings. You can apply for your Airline Transport Pilot License once you have gained a sufficient and prerequisite number of flying hours and have passed two theoretical written tests from Transport Canada.

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