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Apprentice Pilot for a day

Take control of the aircraft!

Not everyone has the necessary resources and time to attend airplane flying lessons. However, that does not stop many people from dreaming about flying and taking the commands of an aircraft one day.

Our "Apprentice Pilot" and "Pilot for a Day" package deals can help one to easily realize that dream and at a reasonable price. In addition, they make wonderful gifts for almost anyone.

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After taking a short ground course explaining to the future pilot how to operate and maneuver the airplane, the apprentice pilot for a day is ready to make his first flight attempt. The future pilot sits in the pilot's seat, on the left of the plane, in front on the instruments. His instructor will sit on the right side and has dual controls. He is there to assist the apprentice pilot during all of the phases of the flight and to take control of the aircraft, if needed, to ensure a safe flight.

Once the preflight check has been done by the instructor, the apprentice pilot will steer the airplane, on the ground, from the flying school parking to the runway and will prepare himself for take-off. After receiving authorization from the control tower, the apprentice pilot pushes on the throttle lever while keeping the plane straight on the runway until he reaches the required take off speed. Once that speed is reached, the apprentice pilot will slowly pull back on the yoke and the plane will rise into the air rapidly.

The pilot for a day remains in the runway's axis during the plane's ascension and, with the help of his instructor, follows the commands of the control tower on how to leave the controlled airspace.

The apprentice pilot can now enjoy and discover the sensations of flying and feel the airplane's responses to his commands. He can complete turns at different angles, rises, and descents; he can also either accelerate or slow down the airplane.

After the flight manoeuvers have been executed, the pilot for a day prepares for the landing. The apprentice pilot re-enters the controlled airspace and gets ready to land the aircraft. He slows down the aircraft and lowers the flaps and begins his final approach. During this approach, he aligns the plane with the threshold of the runway and takes the appropriate speed and angle of approach. The apprentice pilot will compensate for crosswinds by adjusting the rudder pedals and ailerons. Once the plane is close to the ground, the student pilot raises the airplane's nose to follow a horizontal trajectory which allows slowing down the plane before touchdown. As the plane decelerates near the ground, the student pilot pulls slowly on the yoke, preventing the airplane from rising and allowing the wheels to gently touch the ground.

However, the work of the apprentice pilot is not over yet. He must slow down the plane on the runway and steer it back to the hangar.

Now it is time to rejoice as pictures are taken. The smile on the face of the apprentice pilot says everything about the incredible experience he has just went through.

A flight certificate is given to the apprentice pilot as a souvenir and as something to share with his friends.

From the age of 14 and beyond, anyone is entitled to live such a priceless experience. All you need is to be in good physical shape. Please contact us.

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