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The private aircraft give you access to a world of new possibilities. The dream of many men and women is accessible to you. You can simply try an airplane ride to see the city of your choice. You can also try a pilot for a day challenge and fly an aircraft just to have fun and give it a shot. Of course you can decide to take a full course and to become a pilot and maybe buy your aircraft.

A conventional private airplane flies at a greater speed than the other recreation airplane and allows to get to destination quicker. The private airplane has a closed cockpit and protects passengers and pilot against weather elements. A private aircraft can usually take higher winds and allow flight in rougher air conditions. If the airplane is equipped adequately, it can allow instrument flying.

Transport Canada has created a recreational pilot license for private aircraft which is simpler and less expensive to obtain for pilots who only wish to fly for leisure.

In order to fly a private airplane like a Cesna 172 or a Piper Cherokee, a Diamond Katana or an amateur build aircraft, you need to obtain either a private pilot license or a recreational pilot license in an approved flying school.

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