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The smallest motorised aircraft!

A paramotor is the most portable powered aircraft. The paramotor can be brought in a bag when you travel and placed in the car trunk or in the plane baggage compartment. A paramotor does not take much space and can be assembled rapidly. When you see a nice place where you would want to discover the new scenery, a few minute are enough to be airborne and flying around!!

A paramotor is not a powered parachute, it is a powered paraglider. Although they look alike, they have very different designs. See our powered parachute page for more details.

A motor paraglider is an affordable aircraft, easy to learn and does not requires a hangar space. Since a paramotor is a paraglider to which a motor is attached, it is possible to practice both paragliding and paramotoring with the same para-wing if you choose your paraglider well with the help of a professional.

For information on paramotor courses in Quebec, see our section on Paramotor training school. For information on paramotor tandems in Quebec, see our section on Paramotor initiation tandem flights. For information on the purchase of a paramotor, contact us in the contact section.

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